President:Ms. Michelle McLagan
Vice-President:Mr. Marc Boyer
Secretary:Mrs. Kathy Lawrence
Treasurer:Mr. Tom Hannan
Other Trustees:
 Mrs. Jane Pinkerton
 Mrs. Barbara McDonough
 Mrs. Cheryl Ladouceur

    We are excited to announce, after 3 months of talking to our community we have 2 names for our currently open Board member positions and our re-appointment of one Board member.  We have submitted the following names to the city manager to have him present to the mayor and council.  
Ann Lesperance for re-appointment
Jana Norris for appointment –
    “As a retired Sales Manager, I admire and respect creativity and productivity. That said, what single building other than a school, represents both?  The library, of course! For that reason, I suspect my love for this library will lend itself to becoming a productive member of the Board of Trustees.  Besides that, I am 71 years old and still remember obtaining my very first of many library cards from Mrs. Marjorie Backus at the Winona Allen Memorial Library in Heuvelton.  Wherever I have lived I have never been without a library card.  More importantly, I have never thought of the remote possibility, that I would ever live in a town or city without a library.  I am able to get along without a lot of things but, a library isn’t one of them.
William Flynn for appointment –
    William Flynn has been a fourth-grade teacher, principal of Lincoln and Sherman schools and Superintendent of the Ogdensburg City School System.  He has a deep love of literature, history and the Ogdensburg Public Library. He established scholarships for youth to become members of the Friends of the Library.  He is a long-time member of the Friends of the OPL.