Approved on 6/14/07

A. PURPOSE: The purpose of this policy is to provide patrons and staff with rules regarding the use of publicly accessible computers in the Ogdensburg Public Library.


1. Library Staff – are responsible for the maintenance of computer hardware, software, and the administration of this policy.

2. Patrons – will comply with the rules provided herein and requests by library staff made in accordance with this policy.


1. Public Access Computers – public access computers consist of any computers or computer terminals used to access on-line services or information resident on, or accessible from, off-site computers. These computers or terminals will indicate patron use by signs on or by the computer or terminal.

2. Multimedia Computer – a computer capable of running CD-ROM based software with color and sound capabilities.

3. Internet Graphical Interface – software which will display both text and graphics when logged in to the internet – e.g., Netscape.

4. Patron – a person possessing an Ogdensburg Public Library card, a North Country Library System universal card, or a card from any chartered library in the North Country Library System.

5. Patron in Good Standing – refers to a patron with no fines or fees attached to the patron record, without over dues on their record, and not delinquent for any other reason.


1. Only patrons in good standing are authorized equipment use. Patrons must sign-in at the Circulation Desk to use any public access computer. Patrons may be required to produce their library cards at the time of sign-in or at any time during use of the equipment. Failure to present a valid library card may result in the loss of library privileges until such time as a valid library card is presented.

2. Patrons will be allowed one hour of exclusive use, thereafter, patrons may be asked to vacate the equipment – e.g., for the use of another user, or to provide an opportunity for another patron to request use. In the absence of any staff request to vacate the computer or of another user, patrons may continue using the equipment.

3. Users are expected to assume the full responsibility of learning to use computer equipment and resources. However, staff will provide assistance and training necessary for the operation of equipment and library installed software.

4. All public access computers will be vacated at least 15 minutes prior to the close of the library.

5. Patrons will log off any computer at any time upon request of staff.

6. Repeat computer users, during any given day, may be asked to vacate computer equipment for any patron requesting computer use for the first time that day. Repeat users will be asked to vacate computers based on the duration of their computer use that day.

7. Patrons will be limited to a total of 3 hours of computer use per day.

8. Patrons will not use library computers to harass, libel, or slander other users; damage equipment, software or data belonging to the library or other users; disrupt or illegally monitor electronic communications; or violate software copyright.

9. Patrons will not add, delete or modify the installed hardware or software without prior permission from the library in charge.

10. Failure to abide by this policy may result in the loss of computer privileges, loss of library privileges, and/or removal from the library.

11. Use of computer equipment is limited to two persons at a time. Multiple users have the same time limitations as individual users.

12. Illegal acts, such as copyright or privacy violations, may result in prosecution by local, state or federal authorities.

13. The library cannot guarantee the integrity of files left on the computer drives; therefore, patrons using drives will delete files or remove floppy discs at the end of their session.

14. Patrons will return Internet computers to the home screen when they are finished. Patrons are not authorized to logoff the Internet, close the Internet screen, or turn off the computer. Patrons using multimedia computers will return to the windows desk top screen or the start screen.


1. Patrons accessing networks or facilities not owned by the library will adhere to the policies and procedures established by the administrators of these networks and facilities.

2. Patrons will not download software without prior approval of staff.

3. Patrons will not create icons or change library windows configuration in any manner without prior approval of library staff.

4. Patrons allowed to download software or information will be required to erase those files prior to ending their session. Download material may be left on the computer only with express permission of library staff.

5. Patrons are not authorized to use the library account to send electronic mail.

6. Patrons are not authorized to visit sites which violate Federal or State Law. Patrons found violating this restriction will lose computer privileges and/or face prosecution.


1. Since the Internet is a global electronic network, there is no overall control of its content. The Internet and its available resources may contain material of a controversial nature. The library does not censor access to material nor can it protect patrons from offensive, inaccurate, or propagandistic information. To preclude inadvertent access to inappropriate sites by children, the library will provide filtering software on computers intended for their use. However, parents must assume responsibility for their childs use of the Internet.

2. All patrons should assume that any information typed into a computer or any use they make of a computer is public information. There can be no guarantee of privacy in computer use.

3. Library staff can not provide in-depth training relating to computer jargon, operation, or software. We may, however, be able to offer suggestions and answer some questions. As some staff are more knowledgeable than others and staff presence depends on particular schedules, ore or less assistance may be available to patrons at any given time. Patrons, however, should not rely on staff assistance. It is the patrons responsibility to be familiar with computer operations and software.

G. LIABILITY: Patrons are liable for damage done to library equipment or software.


1. Where the printing capability exists, pages of original work will cost 15 cents per page.

2. Printing from the Internet must be pre-approved by library staff and will cost 15 cents for each page printed. Patrons are responsible for paying for all copies resulting from their printing, regardless of whether they intended to print the number of pages printed. Patrons unsure of how to print should ask staff for assistance.

3. All color printing, from any source, will cost 50 cents per page.

4. Printing from the Childrens Room computer(s) may only be done under staff supervision. Please contact staff at circulation desk for permission and paper.

5. Printing on paper other than that supplied by the library is prohibited without the express approval of library staff.