The Ogdensburg Public Library has a number of computers available for public use, including several specified for children or teens.  We also have wireless service available 24/7.

All patrons wishing to use a library computer should have a library card in good standing.  One-time passes can be issued at the main desk for guests with photo ID.  You are guaranteed one hour of computer use per day.  If the computers are in high demand, you may be asked to sign off after your hour is done so that another person can use the machine.

In order to save your work, please bring in a USB drive.  Files cannot be saved to the hard drive.

Library staff can provide limited assistance where possible.  If you need help learning how to use a computer or specific program, please watch the schedule for our training sessions.

Patrons will not use library computers to harass, libel, or slander other users; damage equipment, software or data belonging to the library or other users; disrupt or illegally monitor electronic communications; or violate software copyright.  Patrons are liable for damage done to library equipment or software.  Illegal acts, such as copyright or privacy violations, may result in prosecution by local, state or federal authorities. Patrons are not authorized to visit sites which violate Federal or State Law.  Patrons found violating this restriction will lose computer privileges and/or face prosecution.


1.  Since the Internet is a global electronic network, there is no overall control of its content.  The Internet and its available resources may contain material of a controversial nature.  The library does not censor access to material nor can it protect patrons from offensive, inaccurate, or propagandistic information.  To preclude inadvertent access to inappropriate sites by children, the library will provide filtering software on computers intended for their use.  However, parents must assume responsibility for their child’s use of the Internet.

2.  All patrons should assume that any information typed into a computer or any use they make of a computer is public information.  There can be no guarantee of privacy in computer use.

3.  Library staff can not provide in-depth training relating to computer jargon, operation, or software.  We may, however, be able to offer suggestions and answer some questions.  As some staff are more knowledgeable than others and staff presence depends on particular schedules, more or less assistance may be available to patrons at any given time.  Patrons, however, should not rely on staff assistance.  It is the patron’s responsibility to be familiar with computer operations and software.


Black and white only.  All computers will print to copier in the lobby opposite the main desk.


15 cents per page, black and white (ask for waivers on resumes and job applications)

50 cents per page, color (default printer is black and white only; ask for assistance at the desk)

Patrons are responsible for paying for all copies resulting from their printing, regardless of whether they intended to print the number of pages printed.  Patrons unsure of how to print should ask staff for assistance.