The future of eBooks and eAudiobooks in the library

Overdrive, the North Country Library Systems eBook app is planning on removing their original Overdrive app from app stores coming in February 2022! You can choose to move to Overdrive’s newer app, Libby. If you have already downloaded Overdrive you will be able to keep using it as before.

People who had trouble with the original version of Overdrive may also like to try out Libby with its more user friendly interface.

• The option for multiple cards on one app.
• Check your place on the holds list and see an estimated time for when you will receive the eBook or eAudiobook.
• The option read or listen to eBooks and eAudiobooks in the Libby app or export them to your Kindle.
• You can choose how you download your titles.
• You can even copy your cards to another device without having to sign each in individually by syncing your app.

Libby is currently available in the Apple, Google and Windows app stores.