Videotaping and Photograph Policy for Ogdensburg Public Library

  1. Patrons may photograph or video record within the library as long as such activity is not disruptive to other patrons or staff performing their duties.
  2. Patrons wishing to “take selfies”, photograph/video their child participating in an activity, or simply enjoy the architecture of the library building should respect the privacy of others and ensure their digital images do not capture those people outside their group.
  3. Patrons may not photograph or record library materials in violation of copyright laws, photograph or record other patrons without permission, or photograph or record patrons or staff in areas where an expectation of privacy exists including restrooms, offices, and staff work areas where patron or staff records/information may be in use or on display.
  4. Patrons wishing to record for commercial purposes (ie, YouTube or other sites that monetize), utilize tripods or other devices that impede traffic flow/accessibility, or conduct a photo/video shoot that interferes with other patron or staff use of the library should schedule an appointment at least two business days in advance.
  5. In all cases, photo/videographers shall have written permission of all persons in the video outside their immediate family.