Ebooks and Eaudiobooks – The Switch to Libby

Many of you may know that the library has supported ebooks and eaudiobooks for 10+ years. First with OverDrive and now with Libby. Some people who started using OverDrive may have found it clunky and difficult to navigate. I, myself, was not a fan of the original OverDrive app. It constantly logged me out and adding libraries was a bit of a runaround. Swapping between content on my Kindle and books in OverDrive was not a huge imposition, but sometimes I couldn’t remember whether I owned or borrowed a book I was currently reading and it could be frustrating bouncing between apps and library accounts.

OverDrive Inc heard user complaints and after looking at the base programming of the OverDrive app came to the conclusion that to give users the features they wanted they would have to start new from the ground up. Thus was born the Libby app. The Libby app is easier to navigate and can help you with set up. It will even give you a way of copying your cards over to new devices!

In February 2022 OverDrive removed the OverDrive app from Google Play and Apple app stores. At that time they had no public plans of removing the OverDrive app from the Amazon app store because it was the only option for Kindle users to get OverDrive/Libby content.

As of 2023 OverDrive Inc, the parent company of the OverDrive app and the Libby app will be discontinuing their Amazon app store listing.

Fear not Kindle users! You will have access to the Libby app. It’s not as convenient as going to the app store, but if you go to this link. It will allow you to download the APK (the program for installation) and walk you through step by step installation instructions.

If you are uncomfortable with downloading the app this way you may still use the OverDrive webpage either on computer or with your phone or tablet browser and send your content to your devices through there.

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