February 2021 AmazonSmile Charity Donations

Here is a sum up of all the amazing people that gave through our AmazonSmile Charity Wish List for February 2021. Thank you so much for your kindness and generosity.

If you see an item you purchased and it says, “Unclaimed” it was because we did not receive a gift slip with that package. If you can send us an email (mbrown@ncls.org) with the confirmation email or receipt we will happily credit you.

If you wish to remain anonymous, please know you are amazing people.

If you would like to join these amazing people with a donation of your own, please check out our AmazonSmile Charity Wish List.

If there is something you would like to see at the library you can send a request in to mbrown@ncls.org and we will see about putting it on the AmazonSmile Wish List or buying it if it will fit into our book budget.

This is not only a book Wish List. If you would like to see a DVD, Blu-Ray, Audiobook or other item at the library please let us know.

Name of DonorItem Donated
Karen LenneyGlue Dots Permanent Adhesive Dots Sheets, 6 pack
Karen LenneyKidstory: 50 Children and Young People Who Shook Up the World (Stories That Shook Up the World) by Tom Adams
Kristen Reed-Dietert, OFA Class of 2006Elmer’s All Purpose Glue Sticks, 30 count
UnclaimedSolimo Disinfecting Wipes, Lemon Scent , Sanitizes/Cleans/Disinfects/Deodorizes, 75 Count (Pack of 3)
The McNeil FamilyCarpenter’s Helper by Sybil Rosen and Camille Garoche
Diane B ClarkThe Girl Beneath the Sea (Underwater Investigation Unit #1) by Andrew Mayne
Diane B ClarkOath Sworn (Jacky Leon, 1) by K.N. Banet
Diane B ClarkMy First Day by Phùng Nguyên Quang, Huỳnh Kim Liên