Ogdensburg Public Library Fishing Pole and Tackle Box Agreement

The library is pleased to offer this service to its patrons, subject to the following terms and conditions:

  1. Borrower must have a library card in good standing issued by a library in the North Country Library System
  2. Fishing poles and tackle boxes:
  3. Must be checked out and returned to:

Ogdensburg Public Library
312 Washington Street
Ogdensburg, NY

  • Cannot be returned in the drop box or left outside the library
  • There will be a $20 fee for fishing poles and tackle boxes not returned~ to the circulation desk
  • Borrower assumes all responsibility of the fishing pole, tackles boxes, and accessories.
  • The library will not be held liable for any injury due to the use of this equipment
  • Borrower understands that if the fishing poles and tackle boxes are not returned, he or she will be charged a replacement cost as outlined below:

Rod/Reel $20
Tackle Box/ Accessories $30

Borrowers must follow New York State fishing regulations and obtain proper fishing licenses if older than 16 years of age.

I, the undersigned, assume all responsibility for the fishing pole, tackle box, and accessories.

I further understand that if the fishing pole is not returned intact with the bobber, weight, rod/reel, hook/swivel or otherwise undamaged, except for normal wear and tear.  I will be charged a replacement cost as outlined above.

The tackle box must be returned intact with all included accessories with the exception of those items lost in the normal course of fishing, or I will be charged a replacement cost as outlined above.

I agree with the terms stated above and further agree that I will indemnify and hold harmless the Ogdensburg Public Library, its trustees, officers, agents, and

employees from any injuries or damages sustained arising from my use of the issued equipment.

Signature_____________________________________   Date____________                                              

Printed Name _________________________________   Library Card #_______________                                                                  

Please list applicable Item Barcode Numbers (Staff Use):

Tackle box: __________________       Bucket #:  __                 Net:__________________

Pole: ___________________             Pliers/Grippers:_________________