More Questions about the Library

Q. Will the library go out for a referendum every year?

A. The Library Board, Executive Director and City Comptroller evaluated the library’s financial obligations for 2022. They worked collaboratively to determine an amount that would be needed to give the library stable funding. This total referendum would do just that. The library would not need to go out for a referendum in the next few years, foregoing any major issues.

Q. Why does the library need 7-8 staff working all at the same time in the building?

A. There are not that many staff people working at any one time.
There are 2 full time staff that work 8 hours a day.
The part time staff are staggered – 2-3 in the morning (which includes my part time maintenance people) and 2-3 in the afternoon/evening.
The library is a large building and it is not safe or practical to have only 1 person in it at a time.
One person can’t check out a patron’s materials, answer a reference question, help someone on the computer, help someone find a book, take care of the cleaning and maintenance of the library, interlibrary loans coming and going, the bookkeeping, phone calls, genealogy questions, processing new book orders and magazines and shelving books to name just a few things. A lot of work is done in the background besides the checking out and in books at the circulation desk.