Tea Party and Adult Winter Reading Challenge Kick Off

Yesterday’s Tea Party Winter Adult Reading Program kick off went really well. Included are some photos of the event. At the reading program kick off participants had tea and different nibbles, kindly donated by participants. They received a Bookish Bingo card to start their Winter Reading journey. These cards are still available at the library or as e-versions on our Facebook Page or below this paragraph. A huge thank you to all the people who donated food, time and effort to make this day happen. A special thank you to the Girl Scouts, Kathy Lawrence, Karen Wright and Cheryl Ladouceur.

How does Book Bingo work?

There are many ways you can play Book Bingo.

For this group’s Book Bingo, please mark what you did with each square you fill out. For example, under the “Book in Translation” block, Melanie used, “Heroes of The Final Frontier, 1” by Dem Mikhailov which was translated into English.

We encourage readers to find unique entries for each square they choose to attempt.

• If you want to turn in entries in person, you can fill out the sheet and show it to a staff member at the library and the staff member will record your name and sign off on what row, column or diagonal you have turned in. This way you can work on multiple Bingos per sheet.

• If you want to turn in entries digitally, you can:
1. Fill it out electronically through the canva app and email or submit them on social media.
2. Fill it out electronically by editing the picture and email or submit them on social media.
3. Fill it out physically and take a picture then email or submit them on social media.

• Only one bingo entry will be accepted for the drawing, but don’t let that stop you filling out the whole sheet!

If you would like to try your hand at canva and do it digitally you can sign up for a free canva account and use our template here. It includes a bonus Bingo sheet.