Fortnite Tournament with One Up Games!

Fortnite Tournaments have been taken to the next level! See how you measure up against other local battle royale competitors in this FREE Private Custom Matchmaking Tournament, courtesy of One Up Games, North Country Library System, and Epic Games! Play right from the comfort of your own home on your own Xbox One / Series X, PlayStation 4 / 5, Nintendo Switch, or PC! 

*Participants must have their own gaming platform, online connection, and a copy of the game. 

Date – Thursday,  September 30th, 2021

Time – 4:00pm (queue opens at 3:30pm)

Platform – PS4, PS5, Xbox, Series X, Nintendo Switch, PC

Format – Solos

Communication –

Registration –

The entire event will be live streamed at

The entire event will consist of FOUR rounds with short breaks in between each game. No score reporting is necessary as every Victory Royale will count as a win.

Registrants will receive a confirmation email approximately 24 hours prior to the event with instructions on how to join and queue up for your matches. Participation

Participants are REQUIRED to have the following:


  • If you do not join the Discord server, it may not be possible to confirm your identity and therefore award prizes (if applicable).
  • DO NOT share your Custom Matchmaking Key with anyone! 
  • If you plan to stream, please hide your passwords, or else unwanted guests could potentially join the games.
  • DO NOT ready up before the host, it will prevent the host from being able to launch the game. Wait for the OK from the Twitch host on stream.


  1. No cheating/using hacks
  2. No abusing glitches
  3. No whining or spamming 
  4. Have fun

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