There are a couple of ways to do this:

The first way is to click on the link provided on the AmazonSmile Charity Wish List postings on Facebook, the website (found in FAQ and several of the Friends pages) or Twitter.  Instagram does not allow for clickable links but the link is still posted on the pictures.  (

This will bring you to the AmazonSmile sign in page.  At this point you will sign in with your normal Amazon email and password.

Congratulations you have reached the AmazonSmile Charity Wish List!

The other option is to add the AmazonSmile Charity Wish List to your Wish Lists you follow. 

Hover over the Hello, (Your Name) Account & Lists til it shows
(If you are using a mobile browser you will need to enable Desktop Site by tapping the ⋮ and choosing Desktop Site)

Click on AmazonSmile Charity Lists

A search bar will come up and you will put in “Friends of the Ogdensburg Public Library Corp” without the “”.

Click on the List that comes up.  You are now following that list and can access it by clicking on AmazonSmile Charity Lists. 

If you follow a different list you will have to re-add the AmazonSmile Charity Wish List again to view it in your account.

If something is unclear or you run into a specific problem please email me at with as much information as you can and I will try to help and update the information here.